Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How You Can Help Haiti

Only Rm8 and you can help Haiti and have fun at the same time!

This movie is not to be missed, neither is the opportunity to aid a country who needs the most help at present time.

And all proceeds will go to World Vision’s Haiti Fund.

Send me a twit/comment/sms/fb. msn. msg to book tickets now nowwww~! =)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parallel Universe

If I'm not here, i'm there. =)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

500 days of Summer ; 120 mins of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

One word : AWESOME!!!

Seriously, one of the best movies of the year for me. If you like romantic movies, like romantic yet-not-cliched stuff, and like those two actors up there..well, this is the show for you!


A good departure since 3rd Rock from The Sun =)
(Tis' d Cobra man frm G.I. Joe btw)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Till we meet again

Sunday was a day full of different emotions.

It felt strange waking up in the morning, remembering that I've just sent my aunty and cousins off the night before. The house and cars felt empty and things seems pretty quiet. After spending 10 days straight with them, it felt weird to know that I won't be seeing them today. Or till another year.

And as we left home and was nearing church, we got a call from Mincey (grandpa's maid), who was obviously panicking, that my grandpa has stopped breathing. We immediately got Wy-Pun to get the doc to check on him, and immediately turned back towards home. No sooner, we got a call telling us that our grandpa had passed away.

I was shocked, yet kinda prepared. He hasn't been well the past 2 months, with his weakened condition and him being in and out of the hospital. Everyday when phones rang, I've always feared it would be bad news from the hospital or from Mincey. However, I believe such a timing is God's plan, and His timing is always beautiful. My grandpa got to see his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters from Japan before he went. I guess he has been holding up till they came, and was at peace to go when they left.

I would always be thankful and grateful for all the things he has done for me and my sisters: taking care of us, disciplining us and bringing us up. He always said, (in literal Chinese translation) that he loved us till burnt... "Sek dou long".. I've never heard anyone else describe love in such a way.. but I've grown up listening to it my whole life, knowing it meant that he loved us alot.

And when we were younger, he would push me and Wei-Li in our special twin pram to his favourite coffee shops to "show us off". And when we were slightly older, he would always bring us to the same coffee shops to eat, and chat with the stall owners. 3 of us siblings sorta became famous, as everyone would recognize us in the coffeeshops, even till now. Due to that, when we were older, we would at times avoid going to those shops, as we always felt like we were being watched. The stall keepers were like the papparazzis, and we the celebrities haha.

From Yeh Yeh, I've learned how to drink hot beverages from the saucer and not the cup. I've also seen how he was able to make good friends out of people way younger than him. How he is respected in the neighbourhood, and how he was always nicely dressed with his long sleeved shirts and sunglasses. I've also learned a short song he always taught to us: " 爷爷爱我,我爱他呀".

He has also always told us that we are "Jeng Pai", loosely translated as being of the righteous kind, lol. That we should always mix with good crowd and not the bad. I also remember his constant worrying over us, calling us every night to make sure that all of us are back home. And calling again to check when we're not. There was also his constant "nagging" on not mixing with boys. Warning us that they might take advantage of us. This boy warning started since we were in primary school xD

And the most recent event I'll remember was my yum cha session with him bout 2-3 months back. That time his voice's audibility had already dropped, and it was kinda hard for him to talk, and hard for me to hear him. But that day, he still went on with his famous stories. Telling me about his past, and all the things he did last time. And what strike me most was his love for English movies! Apparently he used to go to the cinemas alot when he was in Hong Kong. And he was happily telling me the names of his fav old American actors, naming them one by one.

There were many memories, and many stories.. all of which I'll certainly remember and cherish. Though he was suffering during his last few days here, I believe he went away peacefully. And now he is safely in the arms of the Lord.

You'll always be in my heart Yeh Yeh.



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Press Play

I gotta feeling~about blogging~ on some music~ I've been listening~ to latelyyy~~

Here are some music which I've been listening to lately. They were new to me, but might not be for u, as I'm pretty much outdated compared to many avid music listeners hehe. Some are recommended, some are intentionally found, and they have been hogging my playlist for awhile. They areee...

1) Pete Murray

Genre: Rock/Acoustic/Alternative

Enlightening source: Myspace hopping

Sounds like: Voice, James Morrisson. This Aussie's music is very guitar based, and goes along the lines of smooth and relaxing music, played while driving down long highways in the summer air. He's my new alternative for Jamie Scott ;)

Fav Songs: Opportunity, Saving Grace

2) Josh Wilson

Genre : Contemporary Christian/Pop/Rock

Enlightening source: Lester Wong

Sounds like: something amazing! If you wanna listen to some fresh new sounds, give him a try. The melodic lines in his songs just sends me the chills (in a good way) everytime I hear em. Good music, good lyrics!

Fav songs: 3 minute song, Saviour Please, Beautiful Like This

3) She & Him

Genre : they say Indie/Pop/Country, i say Everything Fun! =)

Enlightening source : Adeline Tan

My2cents: I have heard about them quite some time ago, but didn't really pay attention to their music much. Recently I decided to "visit" their music site once again, and my... I totally got hooked and cudn't stop playing their songs! And yes, that's Zooey Deshanel the actress! (partnering M.Ward). If you're into fun, relaxin and happy music, they are yours!

Fav Songs: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?,You Really Got a Hold on Me, This is not a test

4) Chris and Conrad

Genre: Contemporary Christian/Rock/Pop

Enlightening Source : Stumbled upon them after they released a rockier version of Brooke Fraser's Lead Me to The Cross

My2cents: Sounds abit like Joel and Luke (www.myspace.com/joelandluke). Reallllyyyy love their harmonization and melodic lines! Absolutely beautiful! =) You can check out some of their acoustic vids on their facebook page. Definitely a grp to watch!

Fav Songs: Pretty much everything x)

5) Brett Dennen

Genre: Indie/Folk

Enlightening Source : Also some internet/myspace hopping

My2cents: Sounds like, himself. He looks 20 but is already 30. Though one might not be accustomed to a singing voice like his, his music speaks alot of justice and the society, as well as well, love. Definitely soup for the soul.

Fav Songs: Ain't no reason, By & By

Ahhhh, and these are some of the many I've been listening to lately. There are many more which I wish to share, but shall save it for another time. Till then, this concludes my once-in-a-blue-moon update. Enjoy d music! =)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Finally, after months of bad internet connection..I've managed to upload my Nesteen Advertisment video!! *shouts in victory* =D :

*Click twice for full view in Youtube

Filmed in Jon's house, this ad is for NesTeen, a fictional new product of Nescafe targeted towards...erm..teenagers lo.

Jonathan Waan
Mark Yong
Kheng Hsiang
Li Ling

Btw, if u can't hear it clearly, which i can't =P, the end narration of d ad says "Ace your day with Nesteen".

This my first attempt in commercial directing, so do forgive the unprofessionalism! hehehe.. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update of some sort

Haven really been updating much. Throughout the season of blogging absence, i have..

- been to 2 highlands
- watched a couple of movies
- bummed around at home
- not bum around at home
- fell across a drain and survived
- stuck with a blood clot and many disgusting scars
- where some faded within a week (PTL!)
- wrote some silly songs
- celebrated some bdays
- completed a few books, like Angels & Demons and Middlesex
- bummed ard more at home
- and now, ended up back in col
- parking right in front of the drain where i fell

there goes my 7 weeks of so called holidays.

and now i'm left to battle with the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and Intellectual Properties. All which i've managed to digest and understand within a day and have to regurgitate in front of the entire class tomorrow. Hopefully i'll be so hypnotizing that they fall asleep instantly, leaving no Q&A session! =)

i wish..